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Preliminary analysis and consultancy

Certainty of Objectives, timing and costs

  • We listen to and carefully evaluate your needs and objectives.
  • We analyze the feasibility of the project, providing preliminary solutions to risk reduction.
  • We produce a first draft of the timetable.
  • We draw up a macro analysis of prices and minimum orders.
  • We make a preliminary evaluation of the budget.
  • We provide you with valuable information about the Italian supply chain.
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Design definition

Do you have a clear idea but lack the Design?

We provide you an Italian designer to create:

  • Collection Moodboard: inspirational research;
  • color palette;
  • material feel in the form of photography;
  • stylistic proposal: sketches, drawings of the entire product or details focus;
  • render;
  • technical design.
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Strategic plan and number

Do you already have the Design? Let's talk about numbers and strategy now!

  • Before we start, let's evaluate in detail all cost items to define a realistic budget.
  • We define the Timeline with all the steps of realization.
  • We search for the perfect partner producer by evaluating his skills, history, and background.
  • We provide you with support during the price negotiation for the creation and production of the samples.
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Raw material sourcing

The design is defined. Now you need the raw materials!

  • We help you select an ideal range of materials, based on your design and the specific requirements of your project.

Often the manufacturer is not able to provide this type of service independently.

  • We provide you with a list of supplier contacts suitable for your project.
  • We are able to assure you a priority lane. In practice, we open the doors of Italian suppliers to you.
  • We collect for you all the information on Prices & MOQ.
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Prototype construction

Now that we have defined the design, found the reference manufacturer and acquired the raw materials… WE BECOME YOUR EYES!

  • We support you in the development of the PROTOTYPE and provide you with the necessary technical consultancy to minimize the frequent risks associated with the first production phase.
  • We coordinate and supervise the realization of the prototype for you.
  • We perform a quality control during the development process of the prototype/sample.
  • We regularly update you on the development stages of the project (call, video, email, messages).
  • We ensure that timelines are respected (we provide support to the manufacturer).
  • We support the manufacturer in the delicate phase of defect rectification / fitting tests.
  • We facilitate communication with the manufacturer.
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From prototype to sample

The Fitting Tests have been done, it's time to move on to the SAMPLING stage...

  • We deal with the management of material procurement.

  • We provide support in the drafting of Technical Data Sheets.

  • We ensure that all corrections of the prototype phase are correctly executed.

  • We coordinate and supervise the local production of the sample.

  • We take care of the QC during the sample production process.

  • We regularly update you on the processing phases.

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The collection is ready

Now that you have the sample you are ready to the production with all the sizes and see your collection created!

  • We create complete Bill of Materials with consumption and costs of the materials for your COLLECTION ready to hit the market.

  • We coordinate production times with the expected delivery date.

  • We take care of the management of material procurement.

  • We regularly update you on the compliance with timing and on the development of the collection.

  • We support the production of the final tech pack and provide a size development assessment.

  • We provide support on checks for the delivery of the material order.

  • We supervise local production to ensure expected quality and standards.

  • We provide support for the development and procurement of packaging.


Quality control

The last step towards excellence

It's one of my specialties. I learned from the best.
When I conduct a quality check, I not only make sure that the shoe conforms to the requirements set in the technical specifications, I go beyond...

I look at the shoes with the eyes of the end consumer.

This allows me to:

  • test them as a whole;
  • know what are the details that determine the quality of the shoe;
  • what can be accepted and tolerated what cannot be tolerated in any way .

It is only in this way that a particular item like a shoe, around which many hands move, becomes UNIQUE.

And this is just a taste of what we can do for you…