Working with Isabella has been one of the most beautiful experiences of my life, both from a professional and a human point of view.

Having the honor of meeting her is first and foremost a blessing, and then a great fortune.

She made possible, in every aspect, the realization of something that seemed both pharaonic and impossible: my first sustainable fashion collection 8 years ago.

I gave her all my hopes and she gave me back a treasure and using the least amount of economic resources possible.

From the beginning, it was clear to me that her powerful and welcoming humanity, combined with an extremely vast and rooted professionalism and know-how, would have allowed me to realize a dream, and to walk in this life with an extraordinary human being

Silvia Giovanardi,
stylist, Silvia Giovanardi brand owner

Working with Isabella has been a great journey, and learning experience. Isabella is highly skilled, professional, organized and dedicated to her work. She is also a positive and resourceful person that goes above and beyond to make sure she delivers what her clients want to highest quality regardless of how challenging the project might be.

When I came to her with the idea of my logo heel she explained in detail the process but was confident she could make it happen. She took photos, videos and updates me every step of the way. It was almost like I was there in Italy watching it happen. After a few tests, protos and samples the heel shape was ready and it looked better than I could have expected. It is now my signature heel. Isabella didn’t just helped me to build and create this heel she also helped me make sure suppliers would comply with my time deadlines. We then started trying different finishes and colors of this heel that now defines my brand and has become an icon.

I’m very thankful and lucky to have found such a dedicated and hard working person like Isabella. Her knowledge of shoes is so extensive but what makes her work even better is her passion and love for what she does.

Daniela Uribe,



... and Rewiev

I remember very well the somewhat skeptical welcome on that late morning in early October. And I think what saved the possibility of securing the supplier was the empathy that was immediately created with Isabella and her collaborator, and the necessary reassurances that I would not have difficulty in paying in advance the costs for the few samples that we had together detailed.

This episode was indeed the start of a long work journey and collaboration with Isabella that has continued for years, and the beginning of a deep friendship built and strengthened over the years. In different moments and in various circumstances, we have found ourselves supporting each other and helping each other with diligence and great mutual respect, in work as well as in private life.

This confirms a deep thought that I once shared with dear Isabella on the topic of shoes and values: “In life, it's not the steps you take or the shoes you wear... but the footprints you leave in the hearts of people

Federico Zen,
former Director of Sales and Business Development ZENUX


A true pro, competent, serious, and impartial. She always finds the right compromise in order to reach the goal.

She is available, always operational, and very good at mediation. Ultimately, a real person, who radiates positivity, courage, and foresight.

She has always been very stimulating at work, helping me to dare more and therefore to put myself more into play.

In daily operations, when a result needs to be achieved, she always has an ace up her sleeve to pull out, suggesting and supporting me to find a solution that allows me and my company to first achieve results on our common goals together and provide a better service

Fabiola Vita,
owner of Viesse Srl Company