- From Idea to Product -

Everything you need to make your fashion business lift off .



Is your dream to create your own Made in Italy shoe or fashion collection?

Or start a business in Fashion?

What you need is a TEAM to help you bring your project to life, thanks to the right connections and high-level specialized skills.

You will see your dream come true just as you imagined it, within the planned time and costs.


Here's the thing: if you want to produce your own Made in Italy collection, you have to prepare yourself to face numerous obstacles and unknowns...


A team of experts

At your service

I need a manufacturer that suits my needs, where do I find it?

How do I get the best conditions regarding costs?

Is there a way to save on development costs?

How can I ensure deadlines and budgets are respected?

And if there are problems to solve?

Will the final product live up to my expectations?...

... YES, there are so many unknowns, BUT why give up?

You have the opportunity to create a UNIQUE and INNOVATIVE product, in a word, Made in Italy.
So, what are you waiting for to realize your vision?


A complete service
tailor-made for you

Fashion is in constant evolution.
That's why I do NOT offer off-the-shelf solutions.
I consider EVERY project as UNIQUE AND PRECIOUS.
My approach focuses on COLLABORATION and CUSTOMIZATION.
The main goal is to understand your aspirations and identify what sets you apart.
My staff and I work to adapt the design to industrial processes in a pragmatic and realistic way but always in support of your vision and your goals.