I’m Isabella Pagnanini and my life revolves around a single, fascinating word: CREATION.



I like to CREATE connections, CREATE opportunities, CREATE stories.

I was born and raised in the heart of Made in Italy, the Marche footwear district.

For years I have been moving among the “folds” of the world of shoes and clothing, acting as a bridge between those who have a brilliant idea and those who, with art and skill, can turn it into reality.

To achieve qualitative excellence, it is necessary to deeply understand the product and its technical aspects.


I was born into the world of footwear and I learned the most from Italian artisans thanks to my family's business. The place where, working for big brands, I also gained experiences related to the industrialization of the product.

I have personally experienced the Italian production world in its multiple nuances. That's why I wrote a book that tells my story. This work aims to serve as a valuable guide for those who wish to immerse themselves in and interact with the authentic Made in Italy.

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All my experience, know-how, and relationships, I have passed on and continue to pass on to my young and dynamic team.

I love my job so much, in fact, that I can't wait to teach it to the younger generation.



My strength point

I strongly believe in the value of people, in real relationships, in the importance of the web.

I believe in networking which has allowed me to create a team capable of offering a 360° service that will make your business fly.

Every connection I make is a piece of a puzzle that builds something bigger…



My Mission

To transform a simple "sketch" into a concrete product, solving along the way all the small and big hitches that can arise.


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